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Hot, hot summer

Hot weather plumbing & drainage problems

It is widely known that the cold winter weather can damage your pipes, but did you know the heat can too?

It looks like we are heading for a record breaking heatwave this week, and you might be bored of everyone talking about it but the truth is you might need to take a bit of time to maintain your plumbing during the hot weather.

External Plumbing Issues in the UK Summer

The majority of your plumbing system is inside your home and safely away from the exposure to the sun, but you probably have a few external plumbing elements outside, which need your attention this summer.

Exposure to UV isn't good for your pipes

Many drains and pipes are made of plastic, and while this are resistant to weathering they are not immune, and can perish from exposure to UV causing them to crack and burst.

Not all drainage problems are visible...

The last couple of summers have been exceptionally hot and the summer of 2018 was particularly dry, it is possible that the ground under your home can dry up with the lack of rain and this can cause your pipes to crack. And while this can take years to happen, at the first signs of a collapsed drain, you should deal with it as soon as possible.

Keep your drainage systems in good working order

Having your gutters and drains cleared and repaired will prevent smells and blockages building up in the summer months. Our team of professional plumbers and drainage technicians can help you with this across Essex, Suffolk and North London.

If you’ve experienced damaged pipes and drains, please contact the team at ABS Plumbing and Drainage to make sure they are all fixed for you as quickly as possible.

Working your plumbing harder than usual

Leaky taps are a common problem which can be caused by stress on the pipes. Your pipes could be stressed because you are using them much more by filling paddling pools, using hoses and sprinklers more often and washing and showering more frequently. This increased use makes them more likely to leak.

To avoid the problem of leaky pipes, aim to use your watermains as little as possible, watering your garden from water butts to save on your monthly bill and reduce the stress on your pipes.

Thunderbolts and Lightning

Last night most of the UK experienced a spectacular thunder and lightning storm, the BBC reported 48,000 strikes across the country!

You would have to be very unlucky to have your home struck by lightning, but the sudden downpours and gusting wind that accompanies a storm can mean big issues for your plumbing. From overflowing drains to shattered pipes and leaking plumbing systems, the extreme weather can really disrupt things.

Prevention is better than cure

The summer is one of the best times to sort plumbing and drainage problems as the good weather makes it easier to carry out drain maintenance. Fixing any drainage problems or preventing against those common plumbing problems during the summer certainly makes sense.

Preventing drainage and plumbing problems is far less stressful than fixing a problem. Which is why we recommend that you inspect your pipework and drainage, and if you find anything that doesn't look quite right, contact us so that we can send one of our professional plumbers to sort out the problem and make sure your plumbing is all working perfectly.

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