CCTV Drain Surveys

It’s no secret that blocked drains can be highly unpleasant and distressing for the people that are exposed to them. In many cases, blockages can also be dangerous. This is why it’s so important to locate the source of the problem and deal with it as quickly and efficiently as possible.

ABS is able to bring the latest CCTV drain survey technology to the site of the issue. Our innovative equipment allows us to carry out a full inspection of the problem area and produce a detailed report. From this, we can outline the required repair or renovation work, along with accurate estimates.

Prevention is better than cure, and regularly cleaning and servicing your drains can help prevent blockages from occurring. Our team is also able to carry out planned drain maintenance on a contractual basis, often at a 20% discount.

For more information, or to book our engineers for your next CCTV drainage project in London or Essex, please get in touch with us today.